Infinity. To the
Power of Six.

160e frame
Anti-Squat Anti-Rise
% Change
9 Across entire
cassette range
at sag
100 At Sag
65 At Sag
160E Bearings

Extended Bearing

Floating collet axles and pinch bolts on the linkage extend bearing life and ensure optimal, consistent alignment and smooth running suspension.

Adjustable Leverage Rate.

Sixfinity allows for a change to the leverage rate progression, while geometry, anti-squat, and anti-rise remain constant. 

Three leverage rate settings are available on the 160E frame. The stock position is 30% providing a balanced ride. For a more supported and efficient feel just flip to the 25% position. For a plusher feel with more pop, flip to the 35% position (this setting is also ideal for a coil shock. A very small (2mm) travel change occurs between rate change settings. 

25% Supportive and efficient. The most supportive, direct feel.

30% Most balanced. Balances composure with liveliness.

35% Plush & poppy. Increased ramp.

A TRUE SIX-BAR DESIGN. Fractions of a millimeter difference in the linkage lengths and pivot placement impacts anti-squat and anti-rise characteristics. It’s incredibly complex. It took a half decade to refine the system. Unlike many other “six-bar designs” Sixfinity uses all six linkages to control the wheel path.