The Common Thread
Is A Devotion To
Riding Great Bikes.

Join A Yeti Gathering

At first it happened naturally and organically. It wasn't marketing or some kind of event we sold tickets to or made people wear wristbands. But then it happened again. And became known as The Gathering. Passionate Yeti people coming together to ride, revel, rip, and get rowdy. Blowing off steam and hanging out as a like-minded community of nutballs. Today, the annual Yeti Gathering is a big thing. It's the type of weekend that's family-friendly, and if you've got a dog, it's welcome to join too. Because the annual Yeti Gathering is more vital than ever. And the people who come are the kind of folks you might only see once a year. But it feels like a day has never passed. Your attendance is requested. So we'll see you at the next one.