EDR.4 Combloux -

'24 EDR.4
Combloux, France

EDR.4 Combloux, France

An unprecedented weekend with the Yeti / FOX Factory and Yeti / Shimano EP Racing Teams claiming three combined Leader’s Jerseys in Combloux, France.

EDR: Enduro World Cup

After a quick recovery following Leogang, the crew headed to Combloux, known for its notably French, rooty terrain. Persistent rain throughout most of the week made for unpredictable conditions, but come race day the tracks had dried out creating perfect tack and grip. 

Richie Rude held a masterclass in consistency — despite not winning a single stage, he stayed within the top five throughout all six stages and won the race by two seconds. Bringing his 2024 win count to 3-of-4, and dominating the Series Lead by 387 points. 

"It was a tough race to get the lead, and it was a bit stressful chipping away on it with every stage. I was just feeling it today and I wanted to push. I hit the first corner a little off and almost tucked the front in the next one during one of the stages, I was like ‘relax, reset, just go for it’. It is a fun position to be in, but it can be a little stressful."
Richie Rude 

Sławomir Łukasik remains on the mend from a broken thumb incurred during Stage Four in Leogang Austria at EDR.3. He was off his bike for the better part of two weeks and was hoping for a top-20 finish, and surprised himself with a fourth place, bringing him into second place in the overall standings.

“That race was very hard because I didn’t ride on my enduro bike since Leogang. Also, I wasn’t sure if my broken thumb would hold that raw French course. I took the practice day very easy to save energy for the race and prepared myself for the hard day. Thankfully, the weather was good, and I felt more confident. I pushed my limit on each stage, and I was pretty happy until I crashed on Stage Five and lost couple of seconds. Even a few days prior, I was not sure if I could make this race. Stoked how the things turned out though!”
Sławomir Łukasik

JT Fisher is absolutely crushing it in his second-year racing U21 at the World Cups, finishing three of four races in second place, but each one in the top-five. The consistency is paying off; his results this week are enough to earn him the series lead by 24 points.  

“I won the first stage, and after a few tough stages I fell back into third. I was able to pull enough time on the final stage to gain a place and finish in second place. I am super stoked to take the leaders jersey going into the next race. It’s super special to be part of a team that is so dominant on the World Cup circuit, it’s super motivating.”
JT Fisher

Curious what E-racing is about, George Swift practiced with the Shimano EP racing team on the 160E and would participate in both races, and brought it home in 15th for EDR.4. Joe Millington finished 11th and feels like he is getting back up to speed after some major injuries in 2023. Between injuries and very tight liaison times, both Kate Lawrence and Lacey Adams were a DNF at Combloux. 

E-EDR: E-Enduro World Cup

Two podiums in the E-Enduro with both Ryan Gilchrist and George Swift coming in third, solidifying Yeti’s lead for Team of the day. 

Rain arrived earlier than expected, with riders on dry tires as they rolled out for the day. During their mid-race break at the TAZ (Technical Assistance Zone), they were able to swap out for mud tires, making a massive difference in the second half of the day. 

After a fresh set of tires, Ryan Gilchrist kicked it into gear in the final three stages. After Stage Seven, Gilchrist was 11th, he went on to finish Stage Eight in forth, and then won Stage Nine and Ten, pulling back enough time to earn himself a podium spot in third. 

“Especially after a shocker in Leogang, I almost considered myself unable to ride wet roots, and then to be able to start today strong, to a setback on Stage Two, and then be able to claw it back and win those last two stages is more special to me than winning Finale.”
Ryan Gilchrist

Mick Hannah finished in 19th after accidentally finding himself off-track and needing to backtrack. 

Yeti / FOX Devo team rider George Swift swung a leg over the 160E for her first E-EDR. It took her the first half of the day to find herself, but once she found her pace, she quickly climbed the standings. She won Stage Five, and finished 8-of-10 stages in the top-five. Her performance earned herself a podium in thrid place for her very first E-Enduro. 

“Really stoked on today, I don’t think it has really sunk in yet. A physical day on the bike and just happy be in one piece and do well.”
George Swift

An unreal weekend for the Yeti teams with three Leader’s Jerseys. Rude is on a roll and is the standout man to beat in 2024. Gilchrist has found his speed in his second season racing E-EDR and remains dominant going into E-EDR.5. And JT Fisher’s consistency and level-headed race craft is paying off, claiming the Men’s U21 Leader’s Jersey for the first-time this season. 


Up next: Rude and Hannah head to Les Gets for DHI.5, and the Enduro riders will get another week of rest before heading to yet another new venue, Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland. 

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