Yeti Cycles DH Bike - Special Projects

Special Projects

At Yeti Cycles, our Special Projects almost always lead us exactly where we need to go. And that’s exactly why we keep them as a core focus here at Yeti Cycles. Race Bred isn’t just a saying. The effort and expense of Yeti Cycles Special Projects can often be irrelevant if they amplify stoke of our internal team and athletes.

Special Projects - Richie Rude with the Yeti Cycles DH bike

The Inspiration

“When Richie mentioned he wanted to race DH again, our whole product and engineering team rallied around a single goal – create a bike that makes Richie faster. We didn’t talk about the cost, or even how many we could sell, we simply created the fastest bike we could. We’re stoked to be part of Richie’s journey to race World Cup Downhill again.”  – Chris Conroy, Yeti Cycles CEO

Special Projects - Richie Rude riding the Yeti Cycles DH bike

Race-Bred Sixfinity Downhill Racing Machine

First launched on our 160e to handle the specific requirements of an e-MTB, the nerds at Yeti re-applied Sixfinity in a whole new way with one singular goal in mind: to build the fastest Downhill Mountain Bike ever. 

Yeti Cycles Downhill Bike Special Project
Yeti Cycles Special Project DJ - Reed Boggs

The Inspiration

In the past few years, Yeti freeride athletes have landed on the podium at some of the largest freeride events in the world. In the process, they have inspired the heck out of the team here at Yeti Cycles. As riders like Robin Goomes and Reed Boggs push progression within freeride, we built them a bike to fuel their efforts, and a new Yeti DJ was born.

Yeti Cycles Special Project DJ - Reed Boggs

Carbon Fiber Jib Machine

The Special Projects Yeti Cycles DJ has a full-carbon frame optimized for strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. Internal brake hose routing, along with our sleek micro-adjustable dropouts delivers clean lines and performance. This DJ was tested specifically for the rigor and abuse we know a DJ will see under our athletes, so we know it’s tough as hell.

Yeti Cycles Dirt Jumper Special Project