EWS '21 Loudenvielle - Richie Rude

Our Commitment to
Racing is Focused on
One Goal, Go Faster.

Race Driven Since -85

Since 1985, racing has fueled our very existence. The Yeti / FOX Factory Race Program has produced multiple World, National and Regional championship titles and has been represented by some of the most talented riders to ever wear a race jersey. These achievements are a product of a fully supported, tiered team structure that fosters growth and development. Racers are able to compete and progress at multiple levels within a single program throughout their career.

With jersey’s donning names such as Tomac, Giove, Rockwell, Kintner, Graves, Gwin, Llanes, and Rude. No other program in mountain biking is as successful as Yeti.

Factory Team

The Yeti / Fox FACTORY Team is the backbone of our race program. At this level the expectation is to win at the international level, be true stewards of the sport and upstanding role models. The Factory riders are completely supported by seasoned and experienced staff and equipped with all necessities to perform week in and week out around the globe.

National Team

The Yeti / Fox NATIONAL Team is an extension of our Factory program. The focus of these riders is filling the podiums steps at the Big Mountain Enduro Series and North American EWS Continental events. National team riders also test the waters at select Enduro World Series and international events to gain competition experience, helping to earn a spot and become the next rider on the Yeti / Fox FACTORY Team.  

Devo Team

We believe that being part of something larger than yourself makes you a better person, rider, and racer. The Yeti / Fox DEVO Team riders are mentored and supported by the entire Factory Program to help mold these up and coming talents. The racing legacy we have built over the years is key to our success.

Our Sponsors

We partner with the top component manufacturers to outfit our team. We forged these bonds over years from the rutted-out courses to the top of the podium.