Jubal Davis
Jubal Davis



Hailing from a small town in Ohio, I grew up racing moto around the Appalachian foothills. A move to Colorado sparked an interest in mountain biking, and the rest is history. I have spent my entire professional mountain bike career with Yeti riding on everything from the SB6 to the SB160E -Yeti's first e-bike. I have been fortunate enough to race on some of the best mountains around the world all while keeping it just as fast and loose off the trails along the way.

Yeti bike of choice - why?
You can usually catch me on my SB160E trying to squeeze in every bit of riding I can in a short amount of time but if time is on my side ill be on mySB160MX earning my turns in the most playful way. Both are such fun bikes that give me all the confidence and fun I need for a sick day out.
What is your first memory on a bike?
Learning to jump as a wee lad with nothing more than a 2x4 block on my 12" bike.
Best feeling on a bike?
There is no feeling like being just on the cusp of out of control but everything is just clicking and falling right into place down the entire trail. Add friends and the feeling only multiplies.
What is your biggest source of inspiration outside of mountain biking? Why?
My friends, family and community inspire me every day. There are so many awesome people in my life who do bad ass things every day whether that being owning a business, fighting through hardships, and setting outrageous goals while doing anything to reach them. I strive to be even half the person that some of these people are each and every day.
A word of advice to the groms
Always remember why you started riding bikes in the first place and KEEP IT FUN!
Speed or Style?
speed and style*
Top 3 riding destinations?
Anything and everything above 7000' in Colorado. Anywhere in New Zealand. Windrock.


  • Getting picked up by the Yeti Fox Factory race team after my first ever enduro on a borrowed bike.
  • Top 10 stages at EWS events
  • Anytime I clicked off a faster time than my hero Richie Rude.

Jubal’s Kit

Kit Details

I run a size large SB150 with a pretty beefy setup and as close to a DH bike as it gets. I would rather have a burly bike that is stable and handles whatever you huck it into rather than try and save weight. That's why I run DH casing tires and Cushcore front and rear, 203 rotors front and rear, Saint pedals and a Fox 38 fork.

I feel like after being on Yeti for a while, you always end up with a pretty similar set up to the rest of the team.

  • Moto Brake set up
  • Super-touchy brakes
  • 755 bar width
  • 203 rotors front and rear
  • Left knobbies always roached more than right because NASCAR