Talk Yeti To Me. A podcast for the mountain bike world. Each episode you’ll meet someone from the Yeti Tribe with something to really offer. Not just as racers, and industry dweebs talking about race wins and parts and suspension. No, these are the stories of people who didn’t fit into a Schusler Short or Millner Masterpiece. No small talk. Only real talk.


Talk Yeti to Me 03

Joey Schusler

Adventurer, award winning filmmaker, pro mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast are just a few words to describe Joey Schusler. He's not one who can sit still for very long. He’s raced World Cup downhills and podiumed at enduro races but, for him, sharing stories of adventure through his award winning films is what really drives him. For Joey, nothing beats setting off into the unknown with just his bike, some camera equipment and the bear essentials.

Talk Yeti to Me 02

Jared Graves

Did you think racing mountain bikes for a living would be easy?

In our premiere episode we chat with World Champion and Olympian, Jared Graves, the man who outraced the reaper. Never a victim, Jared’s mindset gave him the edge to rise to the top of the ranks and overcome brain cancer. We sat down and talked with him to dig up untold racing stories.

Talk Yeti to Me 01

Marty Schaffer