Redbull Rampage 2023 - Adolf Silva

Red Bull
Rampage '23

Red Bull Rampage 2023
Virgin, Utah.

Reed Boggs returns to Rampage for his third consecutive year with an automatic bid from his 4th place finish last year. Adolf Silva makes his first appearance since joining Yeti Cycles. Both competing aboard their custom-painted SB165 tuned by Yeti / FOX Factory team mechanic Shaun Hughes.

The bulk of Reed's line was already built since returning to the 2022 Rampage site, 2023 was all about building on last years successful run. After finishing 4th Rampage a year ago, he knew immediately the tricks he would go for and how he wanted to improve upon his line for 2023. With bar spins in mind, we modified Reed's bike to fit a hydraulic brake gyro, which he put to use on the freshly built lily pad, one of two brand-new features builders Alan Mandell and Caleb Holonko built for 2023.

Adolf went for a line adjacent to Reed that would feed him straight into the Mt Rushmore drops. After finishing 11th in 2018, he was looking to redeem himself and designed an impressive line to hopefully do just that.

First to drop was Silva, who sadly crashed just a few seconds into his first run. After a quick tune-up and bar swap from Hughes, Adolf was good to go for his second run. With too much speed, unfortunately he went down mid-run once again. After quickly gathering himself, he got up and hit a suicide no-hander and his signature double backflip, completing his run and picking up 15th place.

"I was going too fast, and I could either crash because of speed, or I could do a trick and then crash. I chose to do the trick!" 
– Adolf Silva

After Boggs' devastating foot injury in May of this year, it was unclear if he would be cleared to compete by October. His singular goal was to recover and be as prepared for Rampage as possible. His hard work paid off, and he returned to his bike just a few short weeks before the big show. He laid down two massive runs, hitting every feature and trick he had planned to. In the end, Reed came in at 10th place.

"Two runs down, I came here and did what I wanted to do, so I couldn't be happier. Thanks to my builders and everyone for supporting me. We'll be back next year."
– Reed Boggs

Reed's builders Allan and Caleb picked up the Digger Award for 2023, a well-deserved nod from the Rampage crew. 

Photos - Josh Conroy
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