Warren Kniss - Of Ten Thousand

Of Ten Thousand

No matter how you arrive there, greatness takes time. When it comes to racing, greatness is achieved by a lack thereof. Each competitor is given the same amount of time in the off-season to hone their race craft – turn after turn, lap after lap, until action becomes speed and speed becomes reality. When the pressure of a ticking clock, where fractions of a second determine your fate, and the adrenaline found only between the tape wears off - what is left?  

In the case of Warren Kniss, it’s a love for two wheels. “It’s near impossible to pull my mind from racing and riding my bike, so how can I call it work when I do it because I love it. The feeling of being fully in the zone, and just going as hard as I can is impossible to recreate through any other modality. In everything I do, the idea of going fast on my bike is sitting in my mind as the top priority.” 

There is no such thing as an accidental expert. When motivations faulters, and it will, your ‘why’ is the only thing that will keep you going. 

“I just really love riding my bike, it means literally everything to me.” 
Warren Kniss

What does 10,000 hours mean to you?