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Reed Boggs -
From Then To Now

A years worth of blood, sweat, and dirt. The culmination of work designated for Rampage. Without the capstone event of the year, Reed took a crew of friends and threw down some of the biggest tricks in his arsenal aboard the SB165 in an area of Utah where mistakes can’t happen. Pulling out a cork 720, it’s clear Boggs is mastering the gnarniverse.

"With Rampage not happening this year, I was psyched to get a good crew together and work on this film project. I had some things I’ve been wanting to get done in the desert so I’m stoked it all came together. Much love to everyone involved!"
Reed Boggs
Cork Seven to start the morning in loving memory of Jordie Lunn exactly one year from his passing
Hop, skip, and a jump
When dirt art and riding art combine, great things happen
Being a camera operator on a bike shoot involves a lot more than just using a camera
Morning fold
Backflip barpsin to tuck no-hander on the single crown SB165
Folded and tucked up on the right hip
The final feature shot for the video, Reed's flat drop to step down line
Teamwork makes the dream work. Reed Boggs and DJ Brandt session the right hip together in some prime Utah evening light
Downhip aboard the SB165
Digger Ian Carpenter and fellow freeride Nicholi Rogatkin were also crucial parts of the team throughout the filming process. Ian kept all of the features in top shape and Nicholi provided the moral support.
Paying homage to Mike Kinrade with this step down from his 2012 Rampage line
The energy was second to none when Reed stomped his step down flip. One of the biggest moves of the video, yet the second feature we filmed. Reed stepped up to the plate with this one.
Good vibes with the crew while waiting for light
Reed's ridge was high above the desert floor, an ambitious build no doubt. Rampage vibes were in the air when he called his drop in.
No trees to stop you in Virgin, Utah...
Pre Ride vs Post Ride emotion
Can't think of a better way to end the day
Fall sunsets throughout the shoot were spectacular