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Rajesh ‘RJ’ Magar made his first park bike from a dime-store discard. He talked a Kathmandu welder through cutting off the headset of his prized Oscar frame and re-welding it slacker, at the same time turning the hardtail into a full-suspension with the addition of a found motorcycle shock. The welder had never worked on a bike, and RJ based his old bike's new angles on specs he found on the internet. That's also where he learned to ride - a skill that's put him at the top of the podium at Nepali Nationals three times.

Yeti bike of choice - why?
My bike of choice is the Yeti SB 160 because it has a combination of being fast and stable, and is capable of doing everything that a mountain bike should be able to do. I am able to race and win races with it as well as take it on multi day big mountain expeditions. It gives me a lot of confidence in riding down even the gnarliest Himalayan terrain.
Best feeling on a bike?
Being able to go fast and explore the hidden trails of Nepal.
What is your biggest source of inspiration outside of mountain biking? Why?
My friends and family who always encourage and believe in me.
A word of advice to the groms
Go fast, work hard.
Speed or Style?
Top 3 riding destinations?
I love riding in my hometown of Kathmandu as well as the Mustang and Phaplu regions of Nepal.


  • Asian Enduro Series Overall Winner 2023
  • National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2018

Rajesh’s Kit

Kit Details

  • Frame: SB160
  • Shock: FOX DHX2
  • Fork: FOX 38 Factory
  • Wheels: E13
  • Tires: E13