Justin Reiter
Justin Reiter



Biking began as a modality to train for my career as a professional snowboarder. Since then it has evolved into a vehicle for my life that I've carried with me all over the world to enhance amazing places and allowed me to meet likeminded passionate folks. While I will never be the best biker in the world I can always seek to be the kindest on the trail.

Yeti bike of choice - why?
I am loving my sb140LR. Last year was my first year on it and I must say the large amount of very subtle changes have made it one of my all-time favorite bikes!! IT climbs light and fast while still descends with a huge amount of balance and capability.
What is your first memory on a bike?
I grew up in Lake Tahoe with my Mom. Behind our house was a steep dirt hill blanketed in the summer with pine needles and pine cones. Each day I would push my beater bike up the hill and bomb down the loose landscape almost crashing into the house. Before the Sierra dust settled I was back off the bike pushing it up the hill all over again.
Best feeling on a bike?
There are so many "best feelings" on a bike. The feeling of community, the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of solitude, the feeling of speed, the feeling of joy, the feeling of exploration, the feeling of home. You can literally create any feeling you wish atop your bike. It is such a beautiful tool from which to create experiences. And... they are all relative; there is no scorecard or judgment on what is good or bad, only you and your bike and your buddies.
What is your biggest source of inspiration outside of mountain biking? Why?
Photography and chasing light. I love trying to see places when the light is magic. It affords more solitude and opportunity to revel in the moment due to its fleeting nature.
A word of advice to the groms
Can't improve upon perfection so I will let the legend Craig Kelly take this, "The journey is the reward"
Speed or Style?
I am a racer by nature so I got go with Speed. BUT I am absolutely always amazed by those who do both well like the man Shawn Neer!
Top 3 riding destinations?
1. Anywhere with friends and good food. 2. Finale 3. Somewhere new, especially when riding with Locals


  • Olympian
  • Vice World Champion
  • World Cup Winner
  • 3X Olympic Gold Medal Coach
  • 1st Person to Ride all Colorado 14'ers

Justin’s Kit

Kit Details

  • Frame: SB150
  • Shock: FOX X2
  • Fork: FOX 36 Factory
  • Drivetrain: SRAM XX1
  • Brakes: SRAM Code
  • Crankset: SRAM X01
  • Wheels: ENVE
  • Tires: Maxxis
  • Handlebar: Yeti
  • Stem: RaceFace
  • Grips: ESI
  • Seatpost: FOX Transfer
  • Pedals: Shimano XTR