Geoff Kabush carving through a moss covered forest
Geoff Kabush


XC / Endurance / Enduro / Gravel

Keep riding until the fun stops is my motto these days. After achieving the highest levels of success on the MTB I'm still really excited to be riding, racing, and involved in the sport. I fell in love riding incredible singletrack in BC and you will find me still chasing and supporting events on my Yeti bikes that focus on fun trails. I'm still fascinated by the equipment and technical development side of the sport and excited to work with Yeti and my others partners to bring new products to market. Always happy to share my experience and honest recommendations so feel free to reach out at anytime or come chat at events.

Yeti bike of choice - why?
Really excited to race the new ASR but the SB120 is the one bike I would buy for sure. I love heading out for big pedals and the SB120 is such a capable fun little bike. It allows me to choose almost any adventure up or down.
What is your first memory on a bike?
First memory on a MTB was when my parents picked up some old bullhorn Norco Bush Pilots in the late 80s. Just remember jumping on and being amazed at the crazy 3x7 gearing that I could ride up almost any hill in our yard. Since then I've always been fascinated by the technical and equipment side of bikes.
Best feeling on a bike?
For me it is heading out in the green woods on a perfect PNW dirt day and riding an amazing new trail that I can't tell you about.
What is your biggest source of inspiration outside of mountain biking? Why?
These days it is the local volunteer trail builders in and around the Sea to Sky. I'm humbled and inspired by how much work is down every time I come home and get out to explore in the woods.
A word of advice to the groms
Never stop learning about the sport. Don't ever start to think you know it all or your progression will stop.
Speed or Style?
Speed never lies.
Top 3 riding destinations
Undisclosed locations in the Sea to Sky, Vancouver Island, and Hornby Island.


  • 3X Olympian (9th Sydney 2000 , 20th Beijing 2008, 8th London 2012)
  • 15X Canadian National Champion (9 XC, 5 Cyclocross, 1 Marathon title)
  • 9X World Cup XC Podiums, 4th Overall 2009
  • 1st World Cup XC, Bromont, 2009
  • 5X US National XC Series Champion
  • 4X US National Short Track Series Champion
  • 2007 Pan-American XC Champion
  • 2004 World Championship Team Relay Gold
  • 2009 World Championship Team Relay Silver
  • 3X Sea Otter Classic XC Champion
  • 2X Sea Otter Classic Short Track Champion
  • 2X Whiskey Off-Road Champion
  • 2X Trans-Cascadia Champion
  • 2X BC Bike Race Solo Men's Champion
  • 2X Downieville Classic Champion
  • 3X Iceman Cometh Champion